Evocat Games
Based in Oulu, Finland

Founding date:
July 10, 2017


Press/Support Contact:

Nemesis Realms
Nemesis Perspective


Njetwork inn: Isokatu 56
90100 Oulu, Finland

Evocat Games

At Evocat Games we are the pioneers of asymmetric VR Multiplayer games. Our mission is to provide immersive yet easy to pick up games that can only be done in virtual reality. We believe that developing for VR is like exploring the uncharted territories where new design and mechanics are waiting to be discovered!

Evocat Games was formed early 2017 by an exceptionally motivated bunch of four video game lovers from the frozen wastes of Kajaani, Finland. We found shelter from the great halls of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences where we discovered each other and worked on our prize-winning local fighting VR-game Nemesis Perspective.

Not long after Evocat Games was born, we were selected for the Nordic VR Startups acceleration program in Helsinki, Finland where we now work harder than ever under the eyes and guidance of industry veterans for our current title, Nemesis Realms.


Awards & Recognition

Selected to Nordic VR Startups accelerator, 2017
Winner of Pocket Gamer indie VR pitch – Nemesis Perspective, 2016