The Last Nemesis Perspective Patch

Greetings from Helsinki!

Starting out in Nordic VR Startups has been great for us. We’ve gotten some valuable mentoring and help already, and we can finally announce that Evocat Games is an official company! There have been a few hiccups along the road but the team is doing good.

We haven’t talked about the development side for quite some time now, so we have news to share on that front.

First of, we are not developing new content for Nemesis Perspective. Our Oculus update was released some time ago and it was the last update. We announced in an earlier post that new content for Nemesis Perspective was on its way, but plans have now changed.

We published Nemesis Perspective as a student project. The codebase was badly planned and adding content to it turned out to be a bigger problem than we had anticipated. We also had no idea what we were doing management-wise, so contracts around the game are half-baked at best. Due to these reasons, we decided not to expand the game.

We learned a lot from all of this though and will be avoiding these particular pitfalls in the future – which leads us to our next subject. Our team has been hard at work. I won’t spoil too much in this post, but stay tuned for a bigger announcement around VR Connects in September!

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